Real Techniques MakeUp Brushes.

Hi lovelies, so I’ve started to slack on the blog front which i promised myself I wouldn’t do! I’ve been so busy with uni (this is no excuse) but I’m back!

If like me you love your make-up you’ll understand the frustration of trying to find the perfect make-up brushes without forking out lots of money!

My MAC foundation brush was on its way out and at £27 I just couldn’t justify replacing it!

I picked up the real techniques foundation brush in Boots, you can buy it here, and I was so pleased with it! Its so soft, applies my makeup beautifully and it doesn’t clog up like other foundation brushes do. If anything I would have to say it is much better than MAC’s.

This is where my fondness for Real Techniques started! Since then my make-up brush collection has expanded, my other favourite is the blush brush! I love it for contouring, they do do a contouring brush also but I find the blush brush isn’t as harsh and is great for applying my Illamasqua countering duo! I will post about this at a later date because I love it it’s amazing!

Boots stock a wide selection of the Real Techniques brushes including brush sets! I would really recommend them! 








Illamasqua Nail Varnish

I recently bought a nail varnish from lllamasqua after falling in love with their make-up! I bought the colour rare which you can buy here and I love it!

It comes in a nice size rectangular bottle and the usual Illamasqua black packaging.

At £14.50 it is quite expensive! And it does take a couple of applications to get the desired colour, but it is so effective once you get there! This is definitely a nail varnish to draw attention as the colour is so vivid!Image

Illamasqua describe the product as “extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant” and I agree! It is really long lasting and the colour doesn’t fade or chip!

Visit Illamasqua for the full range! I can’t wait to buy a collection of colours!

The First One.

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Amy i’m 21 and currently studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising at Manchester Metropolitan University.

As the name of the blog suggests I am like literally obsessed. With Fashion.

So thats what il be posting about! That, and beauty buys, maybe some photography! General life happenings and perhaps some music!

I have started many a blog and never quite made it past the first so hopefully this time things will be different. Stay tuned!

Please leave comments, i’d love to know what you all think!

Feel free to contact me!

Much Love