Illamasqua Nail Varnish

I recently bought a nail varnish from lllamasqua after falling in love with their make-up! I bought the colour rare which you can buy here and I love it!

It comes in a nice size rectangular bottle and the usual Illamasqua black packaging.

At £14.50 it is quite expensive! And it does take a couple of applications to get the desired colour, but it is so effective once you get there! This is definitely a nail varnish to draw attention as the colour is so vivid!Image

Illamasqua describe the product as “extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant” and I agree! It is really long lasting and the colour doesn’t fade or chip!

Visit Illamasqua for the full range! I can’t wait to buy a collection of colours!


Fashion News – Cara for Mulberry

Luxury fashion group Mulberry have collaborated with British supermodel Cara Delevingne to unveil a new collection of bags.




The Cara Delevingne Collection was unveiled this week at London Fashion Week showcasing three separate bags with the option of three different finishes. The first, a quilted green bag, comes with both a short handle and longer strap for carrying it on your shoulder. Also included is a grey camouflaged rucksack and a smaller handbag embellished with little lion heads inspired by the models tattoo.

Cara dazzled at the unveiling in London Claridges hotel wearing a blue cobalt suit from Mullberry. Other attendees included Kelly Osbourne, Jourdan Dunn and Michelle Rodriguez.


Cara explains she wanted each bag to tell a different story. The whole concept collaborates both her and Mulberrys British heritage seamlessly with inspiration taken from the models ‘Made in England’ tattoo.

My favourite is the quilted green bag! Which is yours?

The First One.

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As the name of the blog suggests I am like literally obsessed. With Fashion.

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