Literally Obsessed with KG’s

The sun has set on fashion weeks across the globe and I needed a pick me up!
I’m so exited to share some new additions to my wardrobe!
When it comes to shopping i’d draw a comparison between myself and Rebecca Bloomwood, admittedly I am a shopaholic and it is an issue!
Theres no better feeling than getting home after a long day shopping untying the ribbon on a shiny red Kurt Geiger bag and removing the holy grail, a brand new pair of KG’s.
I find myself justifying each new purchase. At first it would be notable events in my life, a new job, passing my driving test, birthday’s etc. But now I find myself searching for reasons, bad week, good week, bad hair day the list goes on. When there are shoes involved I will find an excuse!
This week I have bought two pairs of Kurt Geiger’s and I have a third pair on the way. As I said, it’s an issue!
Anyway on to the good part! Shoes!
My first buy was these Carvela flats! I’ve been lusting over all the pointed flats on the catwalk this season so it just seemed like a perfect match!

My second purchase are these fluro barely there sandals for an added colour pop!

They’re so bright! I’m in love!



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