Real Techniques MakeUp Brushes.

Hi lovelies, so I’ve started to slack on the blog front which i promised myself I wouldn’t do! I’ve been so busy with uni (this is no excuse) but I’m back!

If like me you love your make-up you’ll understand the frustration of trying to find the perfect make-up brushes without forking out lots of money!

My MAC foundation brush was on its way out and at £27 I just couldn’t justify replacing it!

I picked up the real techniques foundation brush in Boots, you can buy it here, and I was so pleased with it! Its so soft, applies my makeup beautifully and it doesn’t clog up like other foundation brushes do. If anything I would have to say it is much better than MAC’s.

This is where my fondness for Real Techniques started! Since then my make-up brush collection has expanded, my other favourite is the blush brush! I love it for contouring, they do do a contouring brush also but I find the blush brush isn’t as harsh and is great for applying my Illamasqua countering duo! I will post about this at a later date because I love it it’s amazing!

Boots stock a wide selection of the Real Techniques brushes including brush sets! I would really recommend them! 








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